Day trip to Pahepa Island

Hi everyone!

So, yesterday we went for some fun dives around Pahepa Island with some friends.

Pulau Pahepa is located at approx 45 min from Siau with a small boat.

Our first dive was at Napopo, a recently discovered dive site. The site is beautiful! We dropped in a small channel and then went on a sandy bottom wall, where we have been so positively surprised by 3 white tip sharks (It was like Christmas)!!

Then we continued the dive a bit shallower (because, you know, you cannot spend the entire dive at 40m...) and explored the reef, again a sandy bottom one but with some cool rocks, beautiful sea fans, and even a swimthrough :)

This site is full of fish! In addition to the 3 white tips, we spotted 2 bumphead parrotfish, a Dory family, big schools of surgeonfish, fusiliers and even small gathering of maquerels!

After that first dive, we went on land and did a bit of beach clean-up first. It's amazing all you can find in only 5/8 minutes!! Most of what we found was obviously plastic (straws, lighters, small plastic glasses of water they seem to love using here, rice bags, plastic bottles, styrofoam pieces...the list goes on).

Then we made a barbecue on the beach with ayam and ikan (chicken and fish), we prepared a tomato and cucumber salad and Aure even found a super good ananas in the garden of an unhabited house!

When everything was ready, we all got back on the boat to eat whilst trying to find a dive site to explore. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to look for one we would love to dive on, as it was already 4.30/5pm.

We therefore headed back to Siau and decided to drop on some small batu (rocks) that Aure had been wanted to explore for a week.

The site could have been nice, but the night came rapidly and after 30 minutes underwater, it was almost a night dive, except we didn't have lights so we surfaced and went back to Siau, where we unloaded the boat and rinsed everything at Harry's home which we will present you on another article :)

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