Why Siau ?

Pulau Siau is a beautiful volcanic island, still preserved from mass tourism, which has a lot to offer in terms of diving. If you want to explore new sites with great visibility (average 40m), healthy reefs with full range of soft and hard corals, and abundant marine life, then Siau is what you need!


There is also quite a lot of cool stuff to do on dry land (check our About Siau  section).

Why Limangu?

Created in 2012, Limangu Diving Centre is the first one in Siau. The dive centre is run from its founder's house, Harry. We mapped the dive sites around the island and are very aware of the diving and weather conditions. Our first priority is your safety but we also like to make diving fun and affordable.

Come diving with us on the amazingly beautiful and untouched sites of Siau, Sitaro!

Check out this video of Siau !!!

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